Wednesday, June 24, 2015

The 80's Hanan Marks A #Comeback (Video)

Remember Hanan? It's okay, this means that you are younger than 30! She is a light pop star from Egypt who did sing in the 80s and made life a little bit brighter for many of us. Her last song came in 1996 and then Hanan called it quits. She stayed home and did not make any appearances. That's until she got together with her manger who is also a famous talk radio host. Wael Ghaneemy persuaded Hanan to record one song and she did.

The song is about prophet Mohammad. Radio 8090 go the exclusive and here's the song below. Wonder boy Hossam Hosny (also from the 80s fame) arranged the music. This song got some much coverage by the media as the resurfacing of Hanan is something worthy of celebration. She sounds good and the topic is timely.
حنان - صلوا على نبينا Hanan Salo 3ala Nabena l


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