Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Lena Chamamyan – 2013 – Ghazl El Banat #Syria

Lena Chamymyan is back and the world better take notice. The young indie diva has had a lot of concerts in the most important theaters in Syria (castles of Damascus, Aleppo, Palmyra, calques de chevalier, Golan heights , opera house

Asmar Ellon (2006)
Shamat (2007)
Road of the sun (soon)
She was a guest with the German accordion player (Manfred Leuchter) in his album (zina - 2006), and the Syrian saxophone player Basel Rajoub in his album (Khamir – 2010)
She sang in a lot of the Syrian series sound tracks and Arabic and Armenian movies and some international video art ( Nizar Quabani series – Sweden Armenian movie (grandma’s tattoos) – Algerian French movie (behind the mirror)

Dears all, awaiting to have the album available "legally" online and in the market, I would love to share with you one of the song "Sheherazade".

I would like to thank, once again, all who worked on this album and all who supports to protect it's copyrights.

سلام أعزائي ,في انتظار توفر الألبوم في الأسواق و أونلين بشكل قانوني، .أحببت أن اشارككم أحد أغنيات الألبوم شهرزاد
أود أن أجدد شكري لكل من ساهم بانجاز هذا الألبوم و كل من ساعد بحماية حقوق القيمين عليه
محبتي لينا
Lena chamamyan- Extracts - album "Ghazl el banat" / "لينا شاماميان مقتطفات من ألبوم "غزل البنات

Sheherazade (Lena Chamamyan) / (شهرزاد (لينا شاماميان


Awal Mousafer (أول مسافر (06:20
Ya Hali 1 (يا هلي 1 (05:46
Oror (Yalla Tnam) (يلا تنام (02:40
Shehrazad (شهرزاد (05:36
Akher Elaan’oud (آخر العنقود (04:46
Ghazl el banat (غزل البنات (03:56
Manfa – Exile (منفى (05:28
Diramayren (03:59)
Henna w Zahr Intro (حنّة وزهر (01:24
Henna w Zahr (حنّة وزهر (06:18
Ya Hali 2 (يا هلي 2 (04:37
Gher shi (غير شي (02:14


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