Saturday, June 20, 2015

Tarek Fouad New Song, Prophet Mohammed and ISIS!

Tarek Fouad seems like a fun guy, the sort of you would like to have as a neighbor. He is a Muslim-style singer who likes to praise the prophet in the hopes he will end up in his company. So, in Ramadan, we get a new song from this Munshid.

His latest is about the light of the prophet and how nice it would be in his company along with his family and loved ones. While the song is pretty nice, I think the song comes close to worshiping the prophet which is Muslims are discouraged from doing. sure you can love and honor the prophet and his life story...but we do not/have never worshiped a man. It's cool though to hear songs like that since the prophet is being killed everyday by the actions of people like ISIS.

Music does not harm people, so Tarek Fouad knock yourself out.
Hob El Naby Mazhaby - Tarek Fouad حب النبى مذهبى - طارق فؤاد


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