Saturday, June 20, 2015

All The Muslim Millennials Love This Show, @KhawatirTV

The popular Ramadan program with an uplifting social and religious message is on its final season. As the host decided to end their run. The Jeddah of Saudi Arabia native Ahmad Alshugairi will be ending this show after all seasons. Ahmad who is also used educated traveled the globe for this program looking for positive things to share with his viewers. He likes to challenge them to do good things and to live the teachings of Islam. Many of his examples are inspiring, and his message resonates well with younger Muslims.

Ahmed's final season comes with a theme song, every season has its own positive-feel song. This seasons is voiced by new comer Humood AlKhudher who did a find job, his song is about doing something good and leaving a legacy because this is what God wants us to do. Work now and you will reap the harvest tomorrow.  Do not give up! The show is actually entertaining, educational and just wholesome.

I think young Muslims are on a search to find something fresh in the faith, something to speak to them personally, Ahmad Alshugairi filled that voiced and I know when he talks, people listen. I know the show will be missed, but I will miss the most about the show are the inspiring songs.  
اغنية خواطر 11 - أداء حمود الخضر - KHAWATIR 11


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