Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Visionary Director @JadShwery Moves Mountains For @CyrineAbdlNour

I was one of these people who believed Arabic music videos have reached the point where they are  lackluster, tired and dull. Once in a while, we get to see something interesting, something inspiring. This time, Jad Shwery delivered that very thing. He released a music video that feels more like a short film where the viewer is emotionally invested in the characters and the background stories. Of course it helps to be working with a songstress/actress that enjoys larger than life talent.

Changing his style and his format to make a music video for the lovable cross-talented Lebanese songstress Cyrine Abdel Nour. You would think you are watching a regular love story that has gone bad. Where the lady is the ultimate lover and the man just does not care. Something that we have seen a million times. You know the story where there's a gulf between the couple and someone if putting a lot more in than they are getting back in return.

Then Jad's idea changes that as you watched till the end, you will learn of a twist. The twist it may have been something you've seen in a Hollywood film, but Jad captures it beautifully and makes the music video a memorable work. Not to be overlooked, the location and set used for this picture. You are so attached to the story as there are no distractions or unnecessary subplots. Jad outdone himself here and this makes him (at least in my book) one of the most creative and original music video directors. See him tackle a serious issue in his music video that many entertainers shy away from addressing. So here you have it, a fresh music video right in front of your eye balls.   

I am sure not many singers can challenge Cyrine on her acting, as she is no stranger to this art form. She is so expressive and this is why her acting career has been going strong for a decade. She is a heavyweight actress who spared no effort to portray a complicated character. Cyrine Abdel Nour's grace keeps the music moving in such an interesting fashion. She plays the same character that has too many sides, and too many personalities within her. I do not see many pop stars able to paint such a picture like Cyrine could.

Jad knew he was working with an A list pop icon, and he and his team brought their A game. So pay close attention to all the details. Enjoy the reality and the alternative reality told in this music video. You almost do not get tired of watching this music video, it actually gets newer every time you watch it because you notice something you may have missed the first time.

Cyrine Abdel Nour - Aadi [Official Music Video] (2015) / سيرين عبد النور - عادي


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