Thursday, June 11, 2015

Bossy's New Song Set #Ramadan Nightclubs

Bossy continues to dominate the airwaves, the lovable Egyptian songstress turned actress wouldn't even give us a break in Ramadan. For the holy month she will be in every home with a theme song for a TV drama. Mai Ez El Deen is starring a new show and Bossy is doing the song for it.

Mai is a clever entertainer whose shows are usually a big success. For a change we see a woman centered works that are actually good and well-budgeted. Bossy is also business savvy and a tough lady in a cruel business. She has sang many styles and her vocal flexibility show a wide range of styles. This is good song that speaks love in simple terms and in a language that people in Egypt from all segments can relate to.

Sure it has its dance moments, and you can actually move your hips, but since this is a Ramadan show, why did it have to be a song in a night club with a thousand belly dancers and not one attractive male? Please note, this is one of two songs Bossy will have this Ramadan as she is singing a funny song for another show also airing throughout the month of Ramadan.

اغنية تعالى " من مسلسل حالة عشق "غناء بوسى