Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Canadian Assia Hallani Faux Rage About #Lebanon

Macho man Assi Hallani who is a very old man who seems addicted to botox and fake tans is filming yet another music video. I do not think anyone cared much about his album, and he just gave an interview.He always picks a model young enough to be his daughter.

The good news is he has tabbed a young talent to direct Assi's music video. There will be action and showmanship. The director is promising new image for the old pop star. Aside from that, Assi got to talk about the political climate in Lebanon and the gridlock. He is telling them to get along as they have taken a long time.

The interviewer is a little bit informed and unafraid to ask hard questions. The director is young and he is trying to find his way, but he needs a little bit of work on his communication. In other news, Assi has a play that's been touring--he stopped in Qatar for a show. He is also on the Voice as a judge.

عاصي الحلّاني لسياسيي لبنان: ألّفوا الحكومة و"إتفقوا بقى لأن تخنتوها"!


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