Tuesday, June 16, 2015

The Young And Impressive Natasha Strikes Gold Again

Natasha left her home in Lebanon to settle in Saudi Arabia, her dad and her family went along and I am glad they did. In Lebanon there are a million pop stars and Natasha was just one of them. Though she was very young when she started singing--maybe 15 years of age. She did have one best-selling album even before she was 20.

So Natasha took her loving family on a journey to make music in Saudi--the home of Rotana who has singed Natasha. The young lady sounds like a seasoned pop star, she even has a voice and grace to deliver Tarab songs for more mature taste. She could also do playful songs like she did in both Lebanese, Egyptian and Saudi fashions.

Here's a sweet song that feels like an original Arabic song it feels like something you would have heard in the 80's in one of the many famed Egyptian concert halls. I am impressed by her performance here and think with a  bit more luck and some clever marketing, there's no reason why Natasha should not be a number one selling-artist.
ناتاشا - إنساني خلاص Natasha - Ensani Khalas - HD


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