Monday, June 1, 2015

Karim Abdo: The Outstanding 17 Year Old Rock Star

He is seventeen years old and he is already a rock star. Karim Abdo's profile rose high on the social media once he released a single whose success started the conversation about a debut music video. Karim got a song produced professionally in Lebanon and the dude got something grownup about his voice and his style.

Not sure to celebrate when a 17 year old sounds like a jaded old man, but it takes talent. Smooth and sweet accessible emotions is what sets Abdo apart from the pack. He is back swinging at his live and calling her "guilty" She is not off the hook, she broke his heart and this song puts her to shame. Pretty awesome track from a new comer whose song has already beat the million-dollar artists.

كريم عبدو / منك بريئة - Karim Abdo Mannek Bari2a


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