Monday, June 1, 2015

The Funky Summer Song Arrives! Thank You @Mtmofficial1

The humor-loving band MTM is making a splash literary. The Egyptian pop band with three members releases a new song two weeks before the month of Ramadan. If you know Ramadan, then you understand the importance of washing dishes due to that one large meal and guests due to social visits. But this has nothing to do with Ramadan.

The band is singing about someone who wants to live large, talking about their wish lists of car style and the giant speakers. Guys can dream--even broke ones. A humorous song with a catchy tune filled with street language. The band left no stone upturned as they wrote this song, they covered pretty much just about everything about the Egyptian summer.

But the song keeps it real and tells the guy to go back to washing dishes. The song pokes fun of pool season, and soccer season and Facebook activities. This is a funky summer song that combines best of Western world and the Egyptian street. So now we know that the cool kids will be playing this song as they party this summer.

While MTM is not as prolific as other bands in Egypt, this songs reminds us that they are the fresh band that does have a different take on music. The Alexandria natives Mikey, Takki, Mahmoud come to lead this summer with a fun song that is actually fun to listen to. This is their comeback song after a 7 year sabbatical. Another surprise was MTM's using the same female vocalists from an iconic 90s song "Kol El Banat BitHibak"  

MTM - Aghsel Mwaeen | إم تي إم - أغسل مواعين | Official Lyrics Video


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