Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Adding A Bit Of Class To Bruised Islam (Video) @AxeerStudio @MayAbdElAziz @TheAshrafMajed

Worship does not have to be boring, just ask any Southern church in the United States. The Muslims can also worship through chanting, reciting or dare I call it singing? Sure Muslim-themes music has evolved. Poetry and drums do not cut it anymore so there are more musical elements to incorporate. For all the damage done by the type of deranged, misguided, and violent Muslims, I wish there is a dozen like the duo you will see below.

Enters the stage Ashraf Majed doing his piano magic and accompanied by the great vocalist May Abd El Aziz, who sounds like Whitney Houston. May sees herself as a musician and a teacher who believes in peace, love, respect, and tolerance. A timely message in these dark days. May is unafraid to hit the high note to make her point. This is a nice Dua'a that resonates well and defies cultural, religious and language barriers.

Ashraf brings a diverse background as he is an Engineer by training from "Ainshams" but since he is keen on following his passion, he landed on faith inspired music. The goal is to tell the world how Islam is, and how beautiful it can be when practiced right. On the side he does music production where he collaborates with Awakening Records in the Digital Video Marketing

The duo add a lot of class to this song that seeks forgiveness from the skies above. Ashraf Majed is a celebrated musicians in Islamic music. Perhaps it would be very wise for Awakening Records music label to land his services. He is also a graduate of the American University in Cairo (marketing). I like when music is being used to do something good and classy like what Ashraf Majed did here. I would be remiss not to celebrate May's subtle charm.

I love this song, we need more of those songs that teach forgiveness (which is almost becoming a foreign word in the region) I love those lyrics but I love the wrapping that comes with it, the simplistic and minimalist approach to draw attention. This song less about doing something cool and more about reviving an old Islamic tradition like that of the Sufi and their types.

What a perfect production that manged to captivate while living up to the humble roots of the religion. 
@AxeerStudio | Ghofranak - غفرانك | Ashraf Majed Ft. May Abd El Aziz