Thursday, June 18, 2015

Bahaa Soultan Finds The Sweet Spot Sample His New Album "Sigara"

Here's an album I cannot wait to get my hand on to. It will release this March, no clear date, and the title is worth pondering about..."a cigarette" No idea what's with the title, but this seems to be catchy. I do not even know if there's a song about smoking and I only hope it's not making this bad habit seems cool. Bahaa is a brilliant singer who only makes music with Naser in face for the past 20 years, they have worked together.

Nasr and Hani Mahrous, the brothers are taking the biggest credit for the album--after all they have the golden touch. They wrote lyrics, composed music and mastered the tracks and produced them. I am loving the sweet out of Bahaa, he seems to have rarely shown that tender side of his--he is great with the dark side, and life-wise songs. He had a number of catchy hits, but sweet and romance has rarely been his forte.

You still get Bahaa style songs about the past and the good days, I love the sample and happy to see this star release his first album in three years.

 Bahaa Soultan Simble Album "Sigara" l "بهاء سلطان رينج تون البوم "سيجارة Free Music "Nasr Mahrous"


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