Friday, June 19, 2015

Badih Is Blaming Life For His Love Woes

Here's a new track that was written, composed, and produced by Shadi Abou Said for the dreamy Lebanese Badih. A fluffy romantic hit from a young and good looking artist. There are too many singers out there and to tell them apart is becoming harder and harder by the minute. This is Badih, and he got himself a song.

It's a song from someone who has not figured life yet, he is blaming it for taking away his loved one and it seems to be more than a fair conversation one of us has at some point when we fail to process something. The song gets boring for a little bit, but it never pulls you away.

Badih - Btow3edni Terja3 2014 / بديع - بتوعدني ترجع


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