Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Diana Mardiny Sings in Arabic Titles Her Song In Broken English - Look 2 Me

More and more Arab singers are choosing to title their songs in English-even though the song is in Arabic. Rouwida Attieh just did it with her "First Dance" song this year. Now comes a new pop songstress with the name Diana Mardiny. The new song of hers "Look 2 Me" I have no idea what this title is meant to represent?

The song is an average pop song in Arabic that has little to do with the English title. I would perhaps place most of the blame for this assault on the lyricists and music composer Rashed El Shikh. I do not know what he was thinking. He wrote a decent song in the fashion of Nancy Ajram, but then he went with English title.

Diana is an up and coming singer form Lebanon who would have been signed up for a contract in the early/middle 00's, but right now it would be difficult.

Diana Mardiny - Look 2 Me 2015 // ديانا مارديني - لوك تو مي


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