Friday, June 12, 2015

Pascale Machalani Cruising Towards The Past! # YaAlhanoun

Pascale Machalani used to be a big deal a decade ago. I want her to make a sweet comeback, I really do. She is a lady who won't quit, she did take a break to have a family and she manged to do that so well. But her album from last year, I felt did not offer anything new, no lead song that stood out or a song that felt organic.

She did have that Jordanian song that was rad, but other than that one it felt tired. Here's an song of hers with old footage from a classic Arabic film. he one couple that each Arab male and female fancy being with. Good luck with that, Pascale Machalani could not turn back the clock, and neither can you.

Since Rotana controls the rights for her album and the rights for that song--an album they produced, comes the random pairing.

بسكال مشعلاني - ياالحنون | Pascale Machalani - YaAlhanoun


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