Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Egypt's Biggest Commercial EVER! (Video)

One of the biggest phone companies in Egypt pulled a stunning act with a commercial that puts all the other commercials to shame. It's about family and how they are the source of one's strength. And yes, since we talk to them the most over the phone, it makes sense for a cellphone company to promote them.

The secret pack as many stars who come from well-known families, like if there is a celebrity mother-daughter or celebrity father son or sisters, the company brought them together and had some perform a bit of funny song. The company hired actors, singers and sport figures to make this commercial relevant to as many people. I think it worked.

Brothers Mostafa and Hussin Fahmy talk to each others,  Dalal Abdel Aziz calls her daughter Amy, Mohammad Adwyah calls his father Ahmad Adwyah. Mai Selim calls her sister Mais Hamdan (they are the  only singers here), but the biggest surprise perhaps the best part is the scene where soccer player Majdy Abdel Ghany makes a phone call to the Dutch goalkeeper Van Brooklyn reminding him of his famous goal in the world cup in 1990. Though some say that's a look like for the goalkeeper not the real one.

And the last secne shows actress Yosra speaking to her brother in law actor Hisham Selim who is hanging out with his brother (Yosra's husband) Khalid Selim.

This is a funny ad and it works....It's about family celebrities, humor and a company that wants to do something big and major.

ڤودافون، قوتك فى عيلتك رمضان 2015


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