Monday, June 22, 2015

Stupid Nicole Saba And Her Funny Bodyguards @NicoleSabaaa

If the leaders--forgive me I do not know what else to call them- of Egypt maintain their country is safe and the army is making it such a nice place then why would a B list entertainer feel force to surround herself by an entire unit of bodyguards who looks like straight from a movie about Backwater mercenaries in Iraq.

If things are cool and clam why would such a security company exist in the first place? Now, why would Nicole hire so many bodyguards? Is this part of the show? Why do these silly men have to wear facemasks? Are they in some Banana Republic?  Can you imagine being at a mall minding your own business only to find yourself surrounded by massive fat guys dressed like the cast of the expandable? Seriously Nicole you went to the mall to promote a brand that's paying you to do so, and you ended up messing the event up and turning the conversation about your funny looking bodyguards?

If I was that company, I would ask you to apologize and ask form a refund...if I was the short man running Egypt I would ask Nicole to apologize for scaring people at the mall and making Egypt look like a war zone. Why do you not feel safe around your fans? Why do you need half a dozen bodyguards when if you walked in the mall la by yourself, people may not even recognize you? You are meant to entertain people not scare them, you are a celebrity who is supposed to pose with fans not with your little army. Shame on you!



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