Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Classical Music Meets Ramadan Karim By Ehab Sami

Ehab Sami is a musician and a guitar player in Egypt who likes fusion so he did a piece of music where he combines one of the most recognized classical pieces in the world and plugged in a little big of a beloved Ramadan song and that's how you have oneself a Ramadan Kareem.

It's pretty sweet efforts that brought in the keyboard and the lute as well. Ehab is like his own band, a one man show who did something light and something cool all at once. Ramadan music is pretty classy so the merger seems flawless.

It really does not take much to do something stunning and memorable, you just have to think differently and Ehab Sami was willing to try something.

Ramadan Karim - Ehab Sami رمضان كريم - ايهاب سامى


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