Friday, June 5, 2015

Rana Samaha Treats The Khaleej To A New Song @Rana__Samaha From @Alshaikh2

Rana Samaha is trying a new approach. She is going for humor and self deprecation. She is also singing a song in the Khaleej. I believe this is the first time, she sings in that dialect, she is doing a lot of duck face and some freaky eye movements with these long lashes.

I like the music for sure, it's some of the best music for the Khaleej without turning the non-Khaleej off. The lyrics are very simple as not to confuse the young pop songstress. Rana is trying a number of things here, dancing with her hands and keeping focused as the camera is in her face.

Not many pop stars would let us get so close, Rana is doing it here. I appreciated how the song kicked off with a line that said, "this song has nothing to do with reality." Rana has been active doing a lot of different things like hosting a radio show, she is a big star in the social media with a committed fan base. Well done Rana, this is a real gem.

Young artists have to be way more creative than their predecessors, becuase there are so many different ways for one to market themselves and it has become so hard to be different in this age. Rana stands a bit taller and sings a lot louder.
رنا سماحة - على كيفك | Rana Samaha - 3la kefak


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