Thursday, June 25, 2015

Eslam Ammer Chose Well! His New Single Brings Out The Sweetness

A young man always likes to boast about the choices he made, and upcoming pop star Eslam Ammar is no different. I love his voice, the guy has some real voice and a true talent. This time he got his song about in a new film--the one where Sandy stared. Sandy is a singer, but she transitioned into movies. I am happy to see another singer featured in her film. Sandy has recorded at least three songs fro the film, this time she brings out a new talent.

Hope you guys find him good, I like the material of his voice, the western elements, but I think he can go somewhere with his sweet emotions, and joyous performance.

 اسلام عامر - عرفت اختار / Eslam Ammer - 3erft A5tar Moseeqa TV


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