Tuesday, June 16, 2015

@AwakeningRec Should Sign Up @MayAbdElAziz She Rocks!

She is a force for good and has dedicated her voice for God and elevating fellow humans. A graduate of the American University in Cairo and later a student in the States who studied sociology. Later, May who chose to go to South Africa and work with children. In there she worked and helped the little ones grow. But during her time over there, she had a colleague who had "misunderstandings" about Islam. That lady refused to write a comment in May's journal, which can be a shocking experience for many. May did not stop there.

She went on to work in an animal shelter for rescued animals. I came to respect May and value her insight when I've learned she actually did not like how many Muslims responded with hate and violence to the film about the prophet of Islam. May wanted to respond to that offensive film with a song and asked many folks to join her.

I really think the world is a better place with May in it. There's room in Islam for artists with big hearts like that of May's. I only wish that the producers at Awakening Records who are based in London would work with May on some music project. There's no need for her to be alone, they need her and they certainly need her message. Unless of course these London based producers think a woman is unworthy of their label. I know some Orthodox Muslims would struggle with a woman singing, but while I respect them, I think they should not be allowed to silence other Muslims. And yes, May would be the first female to join the label.

This lady makes good music with the uplifting teachings of Islam. Her vocals deliver every time and her emotions are right there on display (See Here). When she is not doing her music, you can see her collecting toys from children in Africa. She is a good will-ambassador. We do not have many like her and wish her nothing but success.
مطمنه | مي عبد العزيز - Metamna | May Abd ElAziz


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