Thursday, June 11, 2015

"Al Samer" Is A Palestinian Dance That Is Older Than Israel Itself

In the West Bank and some parts of Jordan men at weddings have been celebrating happy occasions with this dance known as Sahjat Al Samer a traditional dance done in weddings with men dancing and singing in a group.

the dance has a cool story behind it like this video from Northern Ramallah, it utilizes story-telling, taking pride in family and country. There is also flirting, this is cool and families want to make sure to do this dance that represents folks who lived in Palestine centuries ago.

There is a leader for the dance who everyone follows to make sure things sync, according to the spokesperson he dishes on the history and how fathers teach their kids. I like how there are different styles that blends real stories with fictional ones that keep this an entertaining.  
سحجة السامر في بلدة سنجل شمال رام الله - هارون عمايرة


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