Saturday, June 6, 2015

Meet The New King of Morocan Music, Viral Saad Lamjarred

The new song by Saad Lamjarred did generate 35 million views in under a month and then clock is still counting for his hit song "LM3ALLEM" In the history of Arabic pop on YouTube, there has been only one exceptional song that has done better than this track. But it got 90 million views in a year, we are talking about 35 million in a month so, there's a big chance Lamjarred will catch up. The song has already been turned into countless memes and so many copycats are taking on the song.

I shall not name that other song because I hate its message and the folks who brought it to life. Though Saad Lamjarred make a name for himself on Star Academy in 2007, he did take a more global approach to his music. Saad did not want to go and do songs for money, instead, he did artistic songs with local flavor and international influence. It worked. Instead of going with the popular thing and the quick buck, Saad did his own work. Take for example he has only one full album to his name but a dozen of singles that generated so much attention.

He achieved an international place by being very local. Maybe what helps him is his unique style that no one can copy. He sort of developed his own brand and it became his money maker. He has a great sense of style and brings so much energy to the stage. People just love him and you can see his songs and live performances he engages the fans and audience. He is also unafraid to improvise and rap if it helps. I like his Western style but make no mistake in everything he does, he says he is Moroccan.        

مال حبيبي مالو - سعد المجرد محمد شاهين في البرايم 9 من ستار اكاديمي 10 - Saad el mjared Prime 9


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