Thursday, June 18, 2015

All The Great Arabic Pop Songs From The Nineties Are Here (Listen)

nostalgic for the nineties? You are in luck, here are the best track of that era. Your favorite pop stars from that time--most of them are still around. Najwa leads the way. Nawal Al Zoghby, Ragheb Alamah, Assi Hallani when he was cool and good. The man, George Wassouf, Elissa, Ehab Tawfik, Hani Shaker....Mohammad Fouad, the funky days, Kadem when he was so young and hungry. Amr Diab when he was making his best tracks, Wael Kfouy when he was a heartthrob. Asalah, Fadel Shaker,  Zain El Omar, Angham, the young years, and Alaa Zalzali when he made a name for himself. Elissa, when she was still Lebanese....Pascale Mashalani, the cute years. Hisham Abbas, the coolest and hippest artist--he was a riot. Mostafa Ammar when each track was a freaking dance party that keeps on giving. And who is better than Ali Hamdia, the Libyan Egyptian pop star with that signature hair.

You will cry, you will fall in love, but most importantly, you will fall in love.

مكس لأجمل أغاني التسعينات


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