Wednesday, June 10, 2015

You Should Be Excited For Kaline Asmar @InfoMastergate

New, up and coming and dazzling Lebanese singer Kaline Asmar does not do easy. In his first major music video, you see him sporting a private jet, a fancy mention, and a rare sport car. Not to forget the lovely model-like partner awaiting his arrival at home.

Then comes the song and the news that he misses her as much as this life. Sure, he is good-looking he can say anything he wants. This is the first I hear of this pop star but I like his voice material. He is super talented and his choice of songs shows that he has the skill of a seasoned professional singer. The melody and the change of pace and styles within the song is telling about this very welcome voice from Lebanon to the world.

Asifr from his voice, the song it all his work--the lyrics and music are all his creation. Filmed in Lebanon on a lake and near the airport. This song serves Kaline's second single and in my book he is already a star.

Kaline Asmar Shta2tilik video clip كالين اسمر شتقتلك


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