Monday, June 22, 2015

New Ramadan Dua/Supplications Arrive!

One music production company in Egypt got few of its stars to perform Ramadan songs, Dua for the season. It's nice to hear new tracks from pop stars whose voice we have come to love and appreciate.

NJ Music just released three different supplication tracks by three different artists about three different topics. Sure the theme is the same which is the spiritual fuel during the holy month and how special the prophet really is.

While some of these artists have done many party songs in Ramadan, they put all that away as their search for a spiritual experience.
سيف - سيدنا النبي - Seif Sedna El-Naby

مصطفي حجاج - صلاة النبي - Mostafa Hagag - Salat El-Naby

Moustafa Yazan Lek we Leya l مصطفي يزن ليك و ليا


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