Monday, June 8, 2015

Here's The Best Song From Beyond The Grave By Al MazZikaty Band

God has blessed Khaled Mostafa with a delightful voice. He performed a song about the fallen in Egypt. The song about those who have been killed in vain. I think the song is about the victims of the city of Port Said soccer massacre. Martyr are a dime a dozen in today's Egypt which is unfortunate.

Many songs have been written about them, but none of them feel as real and heartfelt as the one by Khaled Mostafa, the indie artist from Al Mazikaty Band. This young artist seems to have a good presence, and all the ladies in the audience seem to be in love with him. As for Khaled, this song should make him famous, he showed sincere emotions.

The song is very dark, talking about graves and the size of the place where we are laid to rest. The song is titled, they only get the RIP affix to their names. It's a love song from beyond the grave....a guy who has given up his life and has no way of coming nothing in exchange. He has become a tale, and now has been celebrated for a minute and now he rests in the dark in a coffin.
كليب لقب مرحوم خالد مصطفي Al MazZikaty Band


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