Monday, June 29, 2015

She's Got Her Eyes On Toni Qattan

People love Toni Qattan, they love his music, his family and they love his persona. Many more love about him that despite a serious illness in the liver he has not slowed down. Now comes a new song by this Palestinian/Jordanian pop star.

His song is about the lady whose sight is on him. It's a happy flirty song. Produced by Toni himself and released to his millions of fans. In the hopes of scoring some eid concerts Toni rushes the release of this song during the month of Ramadan--not a very usual move.

Toni Qattan - Einha Alaya / طوني قطان - عينها عليا
Lyrics: Abd Alrahman Asem
Composer: Kareem Ashour
Arranger: Mansi
Mastering: Haytham Kawar
Producer: Toni Qattan.
طوني قطان - عينها عليا / Toni Qattan - Einha Alaya


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