Friday, June 19, 2015

All This Year's Ramadan Drama Songs In One Place

Thank you for whoever published a channel on Soundcloud (Link ). Now in one place you can find all the songs from the various TV shows airing this Ramadan, some of them are by household names like Nancy Ajram and Mohammad Fouad, some by B list vocalists. Some of them are just music and no lyrics. To be honest, most of these shows are trash anyway and they all have been doing the same script. What I wish they do is more historical shows like they did five years ago. This year I do not find one appealing show. sure, there are big names like Adel Imam, Ahmed Sakka, Haifa Wehbe and others.

I do not feel there are great Ramadan songs playing over the opening/closing credits for the various TV programs. It almost feels like they are all throw away songs, meant to be forgotten. The link features more than two dozen songs from such shows. It seems Mohammad Fouad did more than one song and the same goes for Bossy.




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