Monday, June 29, 2015

Islamic Songs Don't Have To Be Sad...Here Are Few Happy Ones

Have you ever noticed that Muslim or Islamic songs tend to be sorrowful, depressed and, miserable. I know the idea is to give people the sense of meekness and regret...and you cannot be these things if you are too happy. But you know we are not sad all the time, so happy songs that are upbeat there is certainly room for them.

Sami Yusuf did it more than a decade ago with his global hit, and he did it in more than one language in "Hasbi Rabbi" It was a sweet song that checked all the boxes. Not many have been able to pull such a magic trick.
Sami Yusuf - Hasbi Rabbi | سامي يوسف - حسبي ربي | Official Music Video

Egyptian pop star and iconic singer Mohamed Mounir did an upbeat song that does not seem weak on force. A song worthy of celebration, the music is awesome but the lyrics are what make this song best. No surprise there Mounir has done many dance and party songs and this song celebrates Islam in such a way that open many hearts and souls. The song even mentions the virgin Mary, so take that ISIS.

مدد - الارض السلام - محمد منير

In the weird fashion of street songs in Egypt (Mahrganat music) this is not a traditional religious song per se, it's folksy song for the month from Egypt about the customs of the month not the worship party. So two party artists take the song and with the help of auto tunes, you get something to dance to--if you will. Sadat and Haha are a punch of many jokes but they are powerful music force in the world that does not listen to music.

مهرجان ( هاتو الفوانيس ) سادات - فيفتى توزيع عمرو حاحا جديد 2014

Similar thing here, this is not a song about worship or even about God, it's about the social customs of the holy month. It's about the food, the gathering, the crescent and all the joy. Sure it's the month of Koran and redemption.  Moroccan native Jannat's song highlights all the good deeds of the month. It's song that sits well with the masses, it might be something that airs once the fast is over with.
Jannat - Ramadan / جنات - رمضان


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