Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Is That You Lara Scandar? Thanks To The Amazing @ivannasalameh @rabeeyounes

The Egyptian Lebanese American Italian songstress Lara Scandar does not have a new song or a new album. What she does have is a picture of hers that will make it difficult to tell if that's the real Lara or not? The former contestant on Star Academy credits a stunning work of makeup artist for her fresh and completely different look.

Lara shared the new pictures on her social media profiles and people were generally in love with this talented artist. Some joked that they could not tell if it was really her. One picture had already generated more than 20 K likes after 6 hours of being posted.

This is ho you get the social media working for you, give them a big of surprising mystery. Lara pulled a magic trick so few have done it this well before.

The team behind this photo shoot are
Photography: @rabeeyounes 
Hair: @harouthu 
Makeup: @ivannasalameh 
Styling/ Creative Direction/ Favorite Person: @aminejreissaty

عسل أبيض - الفنانة لارا إسكندر تتحدث عن أخر أعمالها الفنية ومعاد نزول الألبوم وحبها للموضة والألوان


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