Thursday, June 4, 2015

Getting Fresh With Arabic Music, Azizi And Her "taraPOP" @AzizatBeirut

Aziza is a Lebanese Arabic "taraPOP" singer/songwriter. Debut album AZIZA to be released soon. I wrote about Aziz more than two years ago here. Not much has been done in the spotlight, but Aziza seems to have been so busy working on her second act and her debut album should be releasing any minute now. This proud young woman who likes the oldies, yet understands the relevancy of pop songs. She mixed them together and came up with something the masses can enjoy.
"taraPOP" describes Aziza's evolvement in mixing Arabic tarab with pop music. Her songwriting is based on reflections from her daily life, her moods, aspirations, fears, and how she responds to the outside world in her relationships with people, causes and the society. In the end, the outcome is Aziza's private vision of lyrics, melodies, and experiences .And.. this is what to expect from Aziza's upcoming debut album that will be released in 2014. A short teasers is below.

Aziza has a very capable voice so, she can cover more grounds. She dedicates her talent and time to her music, but marketing should not be ignored. She has a lot to offer and it's a  shame if more people do not get to experience it. She gets to renew old songs, but also make new songs that feel Déjà vu. It's like this feels familiar and fresh both at the same time. This is the magic of Aziza's style. Funky, classy, free, and groovy all at once.
 Aziza - Teaser #1 - Barghasheh

Aziza - Teaser #2 - Bakkeer w Shetwyyeh



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