Friday, June 12, 2015

"#Syria, I Love You" In Indie and Pop Music Sham is the Name

It was not easy for me to pick a Syrian flag, there are two right now. Each of these symbols makes a political statement. My love for Syria and it's very innovative people is bigger than politics, because politics teaches you to resent others--I cannot find anyone in Syria to hate. Obviously criminals are criminals, but Syria is a big story and a big deal for many Arabs.

Here are two different songs, one life from an indie artists and intellect Samih Choukeir was the first singer to take stands against the Syrian military in places like Daraa. The other is from mainstream pop star Rouida Attieh whose political stands are vague to me. Both love Syria (Sham) no doubt. Both long to the day when they can see Syrian strong again.

I like both artists and what they have to offer--both claim to be singing for all Syrians and I hope they keep true to that.

إشتقنا للشام، سميح شقير، Samih Choukeir, Ishtaqna Li Sham

تحية لسوريا يا شام


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