Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Listen: Mohamed Nour Live Single Is For The Lovesick

Mohamed Nour is a stud who seems like a nice guy--he comes drama free and often times when he is the news he is talking about something new he is working on. He does not do rumor mill stories and gossip magazines. The WAMA band members, and solo artist is about to release his second album. His first came about five years ago.

The second full single from Mohamed has just been released, he performed it in a beach side concert in Marina, needless to say it's a sentimental song about two parties who are in love, one gives gives, and the other takes takes. A love story that has perfect written all over it, but it really fails.

A song about a party that wants to do everything he could to make a relationship and an ungrateful party who wrongs the other. Nour looks like a guy who can beat you up if he wants to, it's refreshing to see him spill his heart out. He may have the muscles, but when it comes to love he is a sucker.  

اغنيه محمد نور - قومت بالواجب 2013 | كامله | من حفله مارينا


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