Saturday, June 27, 2015

Rana Samaha Prays For Ramadan @Rana__Samaha

The bubbly young songstress from Egypt, Rana Samaha released a hip song last month that took over the internet. It was a catchy tune made better by the funky persona Rana Samah has. But during the holy month Rana did not forget to release her very own supplication. While many of her peers are more than happy to go away and disappear for a month, not Rana. Ms. Samaha would not bail out on her fans like that.

It's a slow song follow of humble tones and come as you are attitude. Rana came a long way from her days on Star Academy,  she is doing something differently that made her last after the program has wrapped up. She has a very strong online presence, the internet loves her (just ask my twitter account) She has also done different things like host a talk radio show. She is also active on the social media as she was quick to seize on events of the day and engage her fans.

I must say this new track/ song/ supplication / Dua by her is pretty good. Rana sounds sincere here and the images accompanying add to it. Her quality voice has shown me so much flexibility and for a bit it reminds me of the voice and warmth of Angham.

رنا سماحة - مسبب الأسباب | Rana Samaha - Mosabeb El Asbab


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