Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Morocco's Mawazine Music Festival Receives Amal Maher

Mawazine Music Festival just got started and its going to be as big as we have come to remember. Kicking off the festival was none other than Egyptian pop artist and diva Amal Maher who gave her first ever concert since the release of her latest album a month ago.

The fans at the festival were ready with requests and Amal gave them what they really wanted to hear witch is a song from her new album and it seems to have got them energized. Amal worked the crowd and it seems to have gone beautifully. I like live concerts, not all artists do a good job, Amal does well with her vocals and has gotten better at the showmanship.
أمال ماهر موازين 2015 Mawazine أولاد النهار دا


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