Sunday, September 30, 2012

Video: When Justin Bieber Pukes On Stage

It's really hard to see this video and want to share it. Justin is a good guy and like all of us has the occasional upset stomach. Trouble is, he is always on someone's camera. You may not like his music, but at the end of the day he has his fans out there and they care for him. I did not appreciate the many comments on I found reacting this video.

The video below is from a performance in Arizona — while his backing track continued to play. According to Digital Spy, the brief clip captures the pop star turning his back to the audience in the middle of the song “Out Of Town Girl” as he vomited, then for few seconds he exited the stage before returning shortly after to resume the show. Way to be a stand up guy, he is a grownup man already. Most would have canceled on the fans, but not Justin.

Once again the Bieb is a class act, he apologize about the audience  “It’s hard for me, you know, not feeling great and throwing up in front of a bunch of people,” he told the audience. He is a solid entertainer and this is not a big deal--it happens to the best of us.

Justin Bieber throws up on stage

Lebanon Chooses Its Miss 2012

Rina Chibani stood tall as she waved to the audience after being crowned Miss Lebanon 2012 as she poses with her twin sister, first runner-up Romy Chibani, in Platea venue, north of Beirut. 16 women competed to win the title, as a jury composed of 9 members evaluated them, among them Lebanon's first and so far only Miss Universe, Georgina Rizk, former Lebanese minister Ziad Baroud, Lebanese singer Nancy Ajram and Lebanese Champion Maxime Chaaya.

There were other winners too. They are glamorous fashionable and good looking. They needed some class and someone that will make about 90 million Egyptian to tune in. Miss Lebanon had the attention of Lebanon as young ladies competed for the title. But it's not a big commercial success if your show does not get picked by Egypt.

Thus, enter the stage Nesma Mahgoub, the title winner of Star Academy and a lady with a golden voice that infects you with its magic and warmth in seconds. The show crowned a young lady, but they did so on the music of Nesma who must have enjoyed being part of the show.

It's a night were dreams come true. Like many, I have mixed feelings about beauty competitions, but music is always good. The results were impressive, two sisters won-the first if the Miss Lebanon and her young er sister is her runner up.    

Check out the moment and the music

 نسمة محجوب فى حفل ملكة جمال لبنان ٢٠١٢

All The Boys Love Themselves Some Sandy

Sandy is an entertainer and she has done well with that limited vocal strength she has. But what she lacks in voice  she compensates for with her dazzling looks, chic outfits and loving fans. Sandy was unafraid to show off some skin as she performed her pop songs live and on camera.

Sandy broke the mold in Egypt, she rocked the mini shorts look on her music video, she sang girly pop songs about the cute boys. She did with Katy Perry does, colors, styles and ever changing image. While Sandy has toned it down a bit--she has found a middle ground where she can be sexy without being sleazy. Sandy did Egyptian pop a favor, when Lebanese pop was going full sexy mode, the Egyptian one could not keep up. Along came Sandy who claimed herself a spot with the boys who have found themselves a bold star from among them.

She established her brand in Egypt, then she moved to the Gulf with her single--it was pretty good. Then she expanded into a bigger market by doing the song below with Karl Wolf whom I am impressed by. But before that she did the nerdy look music video to tell people, I still can get views not playing an eye candy and she did.

Sandy & Karl Wolf - Awel Marra Atgara'

Sandy - Ayza A'olak / ساندي - عايزة أقولك

I Love Wael Jassar, But This Epic Song Disappoints

Ok, it might not suck, but it's not exactly great. Wael Jassar promised a second to none poem song like he has never done before. The guy is a master of emotional songs. I really wanted a great song worthy of this Lebanese hit-maker with a hear of gold.

The song is alright, it feels missing something. The lyrics have been written by Sahli AbdulKarim, a song about a guy who wants his lady to confess her love to him. He just wanted to make sure she is in for it. It's a romantic songs that forces you to really listen in. It reads like a Nizar Qabany poem, but it's not. The music is good in some parts, but my main take is on Wael's performance. I feel he was not all into the song.

You may have liked it, but poem songs are not supposed to be average. He does sound sweet, but her vocal skills are not at their prime.

Wael Jassar - Qoli Shayaan / وائل جسار - قولي شيئآ

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Musician Gabriel Abdel Nour Wears So Many Hats

If Lebanon to have an opera concert, then they must feature the man about town Gabriel Abdel Nour, the musician composer, singer. Lebanon loves this guy, they adore his music and they have come to respect his style of music. He sings local song like an international star would. He is very proud of his roots, and that's why he is the musician to kicks off one of Lebanon's most notable music festivals--Al Shaiah

Gabriel makes good music, he sings in they lovable Lebanese dialect. He is the kind of composer that diplomats love to pal with. He is a smart one too. His music is about humanity, celebrating love, the fatherland, fraternity, peace, and the respect of the human rights.

Aside from his stunning music career, he is a professor Gabriel Abdel Nour is currently the Vocal Teacher for Eminent Lebanese and Arabic Singers. He is also certified in psychology. Enjoy his music

غبريال عبد النور - ما بعرف اكذب

شو ناطرين - غبريال عبد النور - أغنية لبنانية Lebanese Song

Pictures: Orange Arab Celebrities Tan Screw-ups

Egyptian songstress Soma had a recent concert in one of Egypt's hottest shopping malls--Sun City. The concert was part of the the shopping festival where big Arab names appear and sing for the thousands of mall goers who only have to be there--it's up to the mall then to sell them something.

Enough with that, Soma has a very exciting voice and a talent that helps her shape her voice to do happy and sad songs with the proper emotional strength. Take it from me, she can rock. But I am taking issue with is her tan that make her look like an orange. Soma performed for about an hour and the fans wanted more.

Not sure where Soma got the orange spray or a tanning bed. It's also possible that she has been on the beach for ages, but knowing my Arabs--we fear the freaking sun. I think it was a makeup misstep that left the songstress looking like an orange with a face.

الحرفنة ليها ناسها فى صن سيتى مول | Football Stylers at SunCity

Bashar Assad One Malek Jandali Zero

I have no special love or appreciation for Assad--he is not my president and has little influence on my life. But the man seems to be a survivor and he might as well have beat a handful of countries that bet on his fall. Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and the West in one side with their Syrians sidekicks.

They all have failed to bring down the leader of Syria. They are not crying and telling folks that Assad's days are numbed. They have been saying for more than a year now. Yet he is still there largely enact while the people who want to topple him are seeing dying support and dwindling funds. I think the people who wanted to bring an ed to the regime, chose the wrong way and thus took the wrong actions. You cannot ask other armies to come in and free you from another one, this is a perfect prescription for civil war.

There's a right way to bring down the Assad regime, and a wrong one... lining yourself with Iranian opposition like composer Malek Jandali just did in his speech protesting the UN summit. Do not complicate things for yourself. Syrians should have freedom, they will ultimately have it, but I think such actions make it harder. Malek is a singer who should not be calling to wage wars and spill more blood that what has already been spilled at least this is what I think.

The UN ain't going to do anything, the Americans do not want another war, the Europeans do not have the money or the political will and the Arabs are wary. Sure, the Russians and Chinese are helping Assad. But this was never a fair fight.

Malek Jandali Speech at the UN - New York City

Moroccan Dounia Batma, Makes The Gulf Crazy

She is a diva in every sense of the word. Sure, she is young, but her emotions are her vocal training some spend ages trying to develop. She has the confidence at a level only the legends enjoy. Her commanding stage presence is well documented. This Casablanca native, the girl that rocked Arab Idol and was only given the runner up title is taking a break to sort out her career plans.

She did released a number of singles that I call crowed pleasers, but an album has not materialized yet--which is a good step. Last thing the fans need a rushed album that has not been made with hear and soul. One cannot rush greatness, Dounia has a career that's shorter than one year--she auditioned on September 8, 2011

In those few months Dounia performed in a number of  dialects and various styles from classic Egyptian songs (Umm Kulthum, Mohammed Abdel Wahab, Warda, Faiza Ahmed), to Arabic pop music (Samira Said, Fulla, Najwa Karam, Asala Nasri) and Gulf music (Ahlam, Mohammed Abdu, Talal Maddah) She has also dabbled so well into Gulf music.

After the show, Saudi singer Rashed Al-Majed was quoted about her voice was "rare". She has done well for herself where received a beautiful Mercedes, more expensive that the Chevrolet Corvette that was among Arab Idol's awards. This was a gift from a group of fans from United Arab Emirates.

Dounia has been a fixture in Morocco's music festival where she tends to get booked often, the Gulf has also called, they seem to big among her biggest fans out there.

 دنيا باطما اغنية وردة الجزائريه مالى HD

Hady Khalil Throwback 90s Pop In His Prison Song

I thought to hear this kind of Egyptian pop music, I had to go back to 1990 and listen to one of the guys who are in their 40s now. But no, we now get a guy with the name Hady Khalil and he likes to sing the tunes of that time. He sounds like a younger brother of Iraqi big in Egypt pop star Baha Sultan.

Not sure why he is performing the song while talking on a payphone--also something you have to go all the way back to the 90s to see. He is in a jail house and his guard is the one he loves. She is wearing the uniform too. This can be insulting and only married people can relate to this concept.

Love is no prion my friend. The song is entertaining, the music video might be loved by the teens and the older people who are stuck in a lousy marriage.

Egrahny - Hady Khalil اجرحنى - هادى خليل

Friday, September 28, 2012

Thanks To Ahmed Elshobokshy, Arabia Gets A Real Rap Battle Diss

Ahmed Elshobokshy most famous Arab rappers do their thing, they wear stuff and act like they are thugs. Some of them could fake it well, but it takes no time to tell that the underdog Egyptian rapper Ahmed Elshobokshy is the real rapper. He is like one of those East coast rappers. He does not focus on the show, instead of the powers of his lyrics and the stories that move him to rap.

While Ahmed Elshobokshy is a good looking guy, he is no hottie. His image is not what he is selling but his style and his lyrics makeup the  rapper.  The guy lives on the streets and it shows in his rap songs. The guy is the right shade of anger  the right shade of smart. I like him and I think he compares with Eminem in terms of his personal story and his lyrical power.

He raps about Egypt in the wake of the revolution, more than a year later he is telling people to give up and keep up the good fight. The rapper shocked me to the core when he battled with the Algerian rappers. He took them to take, he spared no effort in trashing the angry Algerian--my wife was born there. I understand his rage, but Algeria have good people too.

The Algerians responded in vengeful rap, and the war goes on. Egypt and Algeria do not have to be foes, they get along just fine. Soccer however drives them apart. Both sides had reasons to be upset. We get to enjoy a taste of some real rap. Welcome the real world.

The Anti-Egypt Algerian Rap
احمد الشبكشي - سامحني يا يبه - The LeGeND راب Rap

Ahmed Elshobokshy sticks to them

The LEGEND كس ام الجزائر احمد الشبكشي

   احمد الشبكشي انا مصريِ(Ahmed Elshobokshy( Official Music Video HD

عز الشباب - المطرب : احمد الشبكشي

RIP: Legendary Actor Ahmed Ramzi Passes Away

Egyptian actor Ahmed Ramzy passes away. And his funeral arrangements are on the way. Among his most memorable films are co-starred along funnyman Ismail Yaseen. They were not friends but they were a great team, they made four movies together. A movie they made together cost 18 thousand Egyptian pound, it made 300 thousand in revenue. His last appearance in on Drama was in 2000 "Wajeh Al Qamar" alongside Fatin Hamamh.

Ahmed passed away in one of the towns on the Northern Beach of Egypt, an airplane and permits are being organized to bring his body back to Cairo for funeral and burial. He was 82 years old, and died due to complication when he fell after losing his balance. He is survived by his wife Nicole whom he was married to after he has quit the show business. He has married three times, first tin 1985, Najwa Foad was the second--both the first and second wife gave him children. But Nicole is the last wife of his

Ahmed Ramzy has 111 movies to his name, many of them are classics in the Arab cinema. He is the son of an Egyptian physician and a sottish mother. Ramzy was a student of business until he entered into the movie and sport business. His friendship with Omar Sharif helped introduced him in one of his movies "Ayman El Helowa" Or Our Beautiful Days.

Watch Ahmed Ramzy talk about opening his shirt and his chain back in 1965. He also talked about the blue eye he has hanging on his chest for protection. He has been dubbed the Don Juan of Egyptian Cinema

نجمك المفضل - احمد رمـــزى

احمد رمزى يتحدث عن اسماعيل يس

Mai Selim & Amr Mostafa Random Duet

Amr Moustafa is insane when he speaks about politics, but he is one creative guy if he picks a guitar. He does wonders and he seems to be back on the saddle writing music--his latest work was for Assala. An older video has surfaced of the composer turned singer turned political hack doing a duet with Mai Selim. Amr Moustafa will have a new song on the Mohamed Hamaki 2012 album.

It's a cute song that seems to have broke with no prior coordination. Mai has not made new music recently--she is busy with her little gal. This is a cute duet that could be part of a bigger project. About those who get shy and do not speak their mind when in love

Mai Selim & Amr Mostafa - Entaa Ba`a "New Song"

Listen: اغنية كارمن سليمان خايفة/Carmen Soliman-Khayfa

Carmen is one bold chick! She is the only young star who is comfortable releasing songs with no music. Most new singers are often intimidated, and seek to package their voice with music. Carmen needs none of that, most of her songs online and on TV shows she performs without music.

To be clear, she is not against music, she just knows that she has that voice and her confidence shows. She is the title winner of Arab Idol. She has just released a fresh track--from one of her many media appearances. "Afraid" is a song about women fear of the uncertainty of the future. Carmen is magician, I love her voice and sincere emotions.

Make no mistake about it, this is how a perfect voice should sound, it needs not to hide behind fancy computer affects.

اغنية كارمن سليمان خايفة/Carmen Soliman-Khayfa

Download Majid Al Mohandes 2012 Album البوم ماجد المهندس - انا وياك

Majid El Mohandes or Majid is a hot ticket artists. While he is huge in the Gulf area, as poets and weddings throw money at him to see him. He is also huge in Lebanon and hot for Egypt--he gets booked for lots of interviews. The Maghreb adores him as he is a frequent guest on their music festivals. Iraqis are proud of him and his music. So this guy must be doing something or many things right.

He changes styles in between Iraqi blues, poetic romance, and pop and faster tracks songs. You cannot really put your finger on it, but you know you like him. He sings a song like if he had just opens his heart. His songs are so good that you think you have already touched the man's heart because does a fine job putting his sentiments on exhibit. I like the cover albums for this one, he is once again the classy guy we have come to expect from him.

This Iraqi singer just released a work of art album, an impressive 17 tracks. No one does that, and no one can afford this large track numbers. Majid does not need to worry about that, his fans love his work, and people give him their finest lyrics and music just to be on his album. Some have awesome title for Majid, like the prince of Arabic song. I like to dub him, the Lord of Arabic music. Not only is he a fine singer, he is also an accomplished composer who has given some of his work to his peers.

Majid tends to mix styles, he makes Gulf themed music catchier and this friendlier to the ear. He makes romance both the happy and the sad moods. He makes Egyptian and Lebanese pop songs that can and often does rival the most seasoned singer. It's no secret that the people who been talking about this album. I am certain, Rotana will be happy they have booked this artist. He might sell the most records for them this year. His fans are loyal and he always gives the reasons to be so.

When it comes to romance, Majid is a professor and we are all taking a course with him, but listening and studying his albums. The first five tracks are in the simplified Gulf Arabic, the sixth track is about Baghdad lover where you can dance. Track 9 has kinda of cool throwback music.  The rest are made for the Gulf listener.

01 - Ana Waiak
02 - Ya Yma
03 - 3la Babak
04 - Baien Ghalai
05 - Kef Te7sebha
06 - Ghazl Baghdadi
07 - Jet A7ebak
08 - Lait Lana
09 - Sa7arny 7laha
10 - Ya3ny Mohtam
11 - Ent Ana
12 - 3la El Zekra
13 - 3la Babak Wa2ef
14 - Raf Qalbi
15 - Zakarnakom
16 - Sabr Ayub
17 - Mawal Eza Ashofak

اغنية ماجد المهندس - انا وياك | من البوم انا وياك

ماجد المهندس انا حنيت

ماجد المهندس - جيت احبك 2012 - البوم انا وياك

Johnny "Metro" Keep On Making Them Hits

The guy sounds like an indie heart who cares about what he sees around him. His latest is a duet with a young lady where they are asking their listeners to befriend their trouble and sadness. This is a song that might be weird outside the Middle East--but in Arabic and in poetry they likes images, they pretend that anything that bothers them or pleases them is a person and then they can talk to that person.

I know this is strange, but it works and if done right it conveys great messages, and yes sometimes it can be cheesy. His label placed a huge investment in him and hope it translates to sales

His upcoming album Metro will feature a number of songs that sounds like they speak to the ones that has not been spoken to before. Johnny is a guy I am ready to like and have already wrote about few times on this blog.

Johnny - Edrab Sohobeya / جوني - إضرب صحوبية

For Those Who Miss Badriyah Al Sayed, She is BACK بدريه السيد انا عيني عليه

She took part of Star Academy more than two years ago, she was not the sharpest tool in the box, but likable she was. She made friends with everyone, she joked around and made best friends with Rahma Ahmed. Rahma was busy making a career, Badriyah moved to Beirut for work.

Now she is released her debut music video where she gives you the beach. The song sounds like an Egyptian beat--mostly the city of Alexandria. There was another lady that went by the name Badriyah Al Sayed years ago and she helped shape the folksy songs. Here's another Badriyah picking the same style and adding a bit more romance to this modern day tale.

If YouTube comments tell us anything, this songstress have fans out there who really miss her and want to be part of her life. For this new single, she has challenged herself and voice training may have done her wonders.  The new look seems to have worked beautifully.

Clip Badriyah Al Sayed - Ana 3ene 3aleh -- بدريه السيد انا عيني عليه

Thursday, September 27, 2012

One Direction Nails It With "Live While We're Young"

When you are young, you do not realize this, you only want to be a grown up and have your own things. But not One Direction who are back with a new single. "Live While We're Young" is the tittle of their latest single and it's scheduled to be released in the U.K. on Sept. 30.

This is not a single, it's a motto for this sugar pop band that has rocked the music industry as well as the world of many teenagers around the world. "Live While We're Young" will be the first track off their second album, and the guys are very pleased with the song and the message.

The five-member British have captured limelight since its debut album, "Up All Night," became a No. 1 worldwide smash earlier this year. Concerts, tours and media appearances do not stop the guys form enjoying life while under the influence of Youthfulness. They work hard but they seem not to take anything too seriously--except the fans I hope.

The song has been crafted by “What Makes You Beautiful” top-notch team Savan Kotecha, Rami Yacoub and Carl Falk, the single follows exact the same sunny pop-rock style as the group’s first album. The only real difference is that now the boys are singing about indulging.

Louis Tomlinson says: "If we go out on a night out and we're a little bit drunk, it's not obviously going to be a great picture, but it's not too bad. The fact is we're young; everyone who is our age is going out anyway." This is yet another happy music video about enjoying life and no one has more to look forward to than One direction and the band-mates.

One Direction - Live While We're Young

Video: Snoop The Soccer Player Takes Penalty Kicks

Snoop Dogg is an icon of American music, a world celerity and a notorious bad boy. What he is not is a soccer player. He was given too shots at scoring, and he never made it. He did talk about his style and his Salsa dance moves. Snoop Dogg, also known as Snoop Lion, joins SportsCenter and takes his shot at penalty kicks. ESPN was there to document the moment.

If soccer ever becomes an American sport, it's not because of Snoop. Despite shooting from only 10 yards, Snoop hit the goal twice, but he has given as high entertainment. And had he scored, we might not be talking about him. As you might be aware, this is only the latest example of Snoop-soccer synergy. Snoop is a FIFA 13 enthusiast, and he's been spotted promoting the new video game in New York.
Snoop Takes Penalty Kicks

Video: Drunk Melhem Barakat Loses It Insults His Drummer On Stage

We all love the black horse of Lebanese music Melhem Barakat, he is a talented musician and a gifted singer. I love his compositions, but I am sure no one loves Melhem more than he loves himself. He is very eccentric and his ego is as big as Lebanon.

In a recent Beirut concert, the legendary singer lost his cool and insulted his drummer using profane language where both the drummer and his mother were insulted. Since the audience laughed, Melhem tried to make it a joke, but he was not joking. He was drunk and senile.  

Not very classy. Melhem has gotten himself in hot water once again, two months after he has picked a fight with diva Magida El Roumi over a song he composed for her.

The video has an edited version of the insult, but you will tell what he is saying. Not classy, not something you would want your kids to hear. I think Melhem owes the drummer and the fans a sincere apology.  

Introducing George Zghaib, "Miracle Child" Of Arabic Music

He is a little Lebanese boy who has been rocking Arabic music news with his talent. He plays a mean lute "oud" and does a great job covering classics of the Arabic songs. Pretty much all the legends he has memorized songs for them and can perform them life. People go wild for this boy and I have been burried in stories about him.

They call me the "miracle child" he is like a magician with that lute, I am speechless! This guy is getting people excited. Young people like him who have such talent have a bright future for them--they just need to be children. Lebanon continues to impress me with surprises liked boy George. Reports have confirmed George  residing in the Lebanese home of Syrian singer George Wassouf.

Not sure what the future holds for George but we have had stars start at a young age do songs like those. Singers like George Wassouf, Wael Jassar, Asalah and Angham started at a young age--they seem to have done well for themselves.

Georges Zgheib akhadou al ri7

الطفل الموهبة جورج زغيب يعزف و يغني ...أنا بعشقك

Al Jaras - الجرس - الطفل جورج زغيب يغني لعبدالحليم حافظ

Cyrine Abdelnour Gets Into The Lingerie Business

I give credit to the Gulf based Arab lingerie company for doing something people wanted. Start a bosh lingerie and sleepwear company, built its brand and always be on the media by hiring new stars to promote your brand. Among the Arab ladies who have singed up and endorsed the products are Diana Haddad, Yara, Razan Al Moghraby, and now Cyrine Abdelnour.

This is how you build a brand, you make a good product, you put on a show and pick beloved entertainers to make your product seem high end. The Dubai based company is doing something right, I think picking Cyrine Abdelnour is a clever move, she is on top of her game her TV drama "Ruby" was a massive hit. Her music career is about to see a surge. She is likable.

Nayomi is thriving in a conservative society that has a guilty pleasure of all things intimate. The CEO is doing his job by increasing the brand awareness without getting in fights with conservative voices. They only showcases the sleepwear not that other stuff. The brand has expanded into selling perfumes and lotions.

Nayomi Summer 2012 Collections Fashion Show with Yara

Magida El Roumi Brings The Good Times To Batroun

Magida El Roumi should be the spokesperson for the country of Lebanon, when others are mad and upset by what they see in the political arena in that country, she sees hope and faith in a better tomorrow. That way she makes people believe her message and her love for that country.

Despite all issues and instability at those though times, Magida headlined the concert which she was asked to cancel due to safety concerns. She gave an interview and spoke about her concert and the risk she took to bring this concert to life. This was a classy concert with music from all over the map and audience from all over the world.

"We are concerns, but those concerns do not stop us" she said. It was a dazzling concert where she performed six of her new songs from her latest album "Ghazal" she even has a never performed song, a salute to the people of Lebanon and their steadfastness.

Magida is one of the voices that Lebanon should be proud to have on their side. Just looking at the concert goers, this is not a concert this is a festival and people have turned out for the diva.

ماجدة الرومي لا شيء يمكن ان يكسر ايماننا بوطننا

Nawal El Zoghbi Is Doing The Madonna Thing

Crazy dancers, people jumping all over the stage, live audience who has gone wild and fireworks seem to be an old trick from the pop stars of the world. The trick seems to work well. In a summer concert appearance Lebanese pop candy Nawal El Zoghbi filmed her performance and captured few minutes from a night that will turn into a music video.

The slideshow seems to help as well. I do not think the music matches the lyrics of the song and the back dancers seem not to be in sync with the song or the starlet. I do not think this song should have been filmed and this is spoken like a fan of Nawal's. She still has so much to give and she at least has a half a dozen of pop albums in her.

Nawal El Zoghbi - Ha'oullak Eih - Live / نوال الزغبي - هقولك إيه - حفله

DAM And Their Damn Good Rap

No other Arab rap band have reached the level of fame and popularity like the one the Palestine 1948 rap group DAM. They had the first mainstream rap hit that made its way around the globe and back. The song was titled "Who is The Terrorist?" It was a hit on so many levels, the activists loved it and so have the ones who study Arabic. The young Arabs loved it too as it was a good beat and meaningful lyrics. It was 2002 and rap was making baby steps in Arabia. North Africa had songs much earlier but none of their word went mainstream.

The band kept going releasing other track that met a lot of success, then they made a movie (Slingshot Hip-hop  about them, the movie won award and gave them a new fame in North America. They keep releasing good rap songs, the two brothers and their buddy, they have inspired many young rappers all around the Arabia, and have worked with big names. They still have to go the mainstream Arab TV show--like a star academy appearance or something of that nature. I think they will bring down the house.

Their last album came in 2008, I am certain there's a new album in the works as they continue to battle the Israeli occupation and racism with their poetic lyrics.

DAM Ft. MWR - 3aref Nafsak [Lyrics] - ElNmr.coM

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Hasna Matar, The Pictures Are Out, The Video To Follow

She is Lebanese but she does very well with Iraqi songs, her latest music video will treat her Iraqi song into a cool music video. Her songs are about being away form the motherland, she did this very loud and strong song about yearning to the land of the ancestor.

Here claim to fame was a happy dance song that gets you pumped up. Get ready for one more pop diva that fights hard to get where she needs to be.

Hasna Matar - Layaly El Ghorbah / حسنا مطر - ليالي الغربة

Watch This Funny Promo For Samo Zain's Song

Samo Zaen is almost back with a new music video, to promote it, he has gotten himself a DJ sidekick, a beach-side drink and Beats headphones. Not sure who is this DJ dude with him, but they seem to be best of buddies. He does not speak English so we have to hear Samo Zain speaking English.

The English is funny, but so is Samo he is a prankster and a guy who likes jokes. I know I liked this song for which this promo was made, but I think it's too European for me. Samo is back in the concert market in Egypt where he spends most of his time.

The song is out, but not the music video...the song is recorded in the Egyptian dialect and sounds like a nice club mix yet the lyrics are gooey and sweet

 برمبو كليب ساموزين بتحلوى 2012

ساموزين - بتحلوى || النسخة الاصلية

ARAB Hipsters: Ahmed Moawad - Gebt Akhry / أحمد معوض - جبت أخري

I just saw a music video that features Arab hipsters, these guys got the outfits right. They have figures the look and the attitude the hipsters of the world have build for themselves. The song is not a hit, it's a bit weak for my own taste. I think they get A for effort.

The song lacks the good beat and the powerful tunes. I am not a fan, but I like the music video concept, and that Ahmed looked the part. Not sure what role the girl in those short shorts doing and why the car is there, but I am sure if you are 16 years old you will understand.

 Ahmed Moawad - Gebt Akhry / أحمد معوض - جبت أخري

Director Bassam AlTurk Creepy Arab Lovers Music Video Due Soon

Stalking is never cool, breaking into someone's home is not a good idea. But for Arab music videos anything goes. So here's the plot for a new romantic and supposed to be humorous music videos. Boy and girl spot one another and fall in love from afar. They are both interested in knowing one another, but instead of talking to one another, they both engage in creepy and illegal activities.

The girl takes a group of her friends, break into that good looking guys home to learn things about him. As they search around the apartment, she finds pictures of herself--the guy has been photographing her all along. Instead of freaking out, she laughs and thinks it's cute.

He goes home and finds his house a mess, trips over and breaks his leg. This is what passes for romance according to one Lebanese music video director, Bassam Al Turk. They hired Mr. Lebanon 2012 to be the model who stalks people and breaks his leg. This is the plot for Mashael's new music video. Mashael is a Lebanese singer who grew up in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

This is a dangerous music video, it violates people's rights. Both of those lovers are wrong and I hope people do not copy their style and start talking, spying on people. It's not cool to take pictures of people without their permission. Bassma, you are a good man, do you want strangers (good looking or bad looking taking pictures of your sister of your daughter?)   

I am almost certain as far as art direction and colors this music video will be amazing. I love how Bassam works with color themes and brings the best in any given star. The pictures and outfits from the music video are brilliant.

I do think they should add a warning before the music videos plays.   

Picture: Jamal Suliman Is Full Of Shit جمال سليمان يرقص مع راقصة شرقية

Jamal Suliman was cool for about five years, then he is now in hot water. The famous Syrian actor made a good career in acting and starring in Syrian and Egyptian dramas, he is a good actor in fairness. But then he started talking politics and criticizing what is going on in his country. He asked Bashar to step down and told folks that he has not being eating or drinking because he is upset with what he sees in Syria.

All is fine so far, we believe him. But then a new picture has been making the rounds on the internet, Facebook and Twitter. The dude is dancing with a young belly dancer and with a stick. He seems to be in the groove. So he does not eat nor drink, but he still can party hard. Those behind the picture says it was taken two days ago in Cairo, Egypt.

I think people do not mind he is having a good time, what they mind is that he is doing it when in public he is pretending to be saddened over the Syrian crisis.

 Jamal Suliman has denied that the picture is new. He says it's five years old and was taken in Damascus in a local restaurant. He sees this is a conspiracy to embarrass him. All things are possible. I know there are mean people out there, but when you stand up and take a stand, you are a public figure and all is a fair game. He is not and was not a private citizen.


Medhat Saleh To Boycott The Egyptian House Of Opera

Medhat Saleh is a guy who is happy doing performances at the house of Opera in Egypt, they love his music and his voice has expressed and documented Egyptian moments for a really long time. Medhat is a popular name in local concerts where people needed a heavy dose of all Egyptian music. He never disappoints and he has his fans young and old. He is well-educated and trained in all Egyptian style songs, regional and national as well.

Now, Medhat thought he is close to the House of Opera and its orchestra. So when he was invited to the Arabian Music Festival in Alexandria, he thought he could borrow part of the Opera's symphony for this appearance. They shut him down.

According to an interview with AlHaram he wanted to mix the symphony with the Arabic Music orchestra to produce a new show for the festival. Naturally he is upset and has condemned their denial of his request. He pledged not to perform at the House of Opera again. He will focus on his upcoming performance at the Egypt University Opera concert on Nov 16th.

مدحت صالح ,ع الحلوة والمرة , بقى عايز تنسانى , صافينى مرة

WATCH: Assala & Holland Symfonia 1 / أوبريت أصالة في هولندا - الجزء الأول

This video was filmed roughly two months ago when the Syrian diva toured Europe and performed in sold out concert halls. Arabs and non Arabs turned out for this show, the Holland Symfonia joined in the show and gave a stunning musical performance accompanied by Assala's strong vocals.

She sang for more than an hour, think Holland, the home of the classical music of Europe, watch this very detailed video with the orchestra who did not speak Arabic, by managed to be touched by the mighty Assala.

How about that dress of hers? The artists who opened up to her act is worth his weight gold, he does deliver good knockout songs for the older generation and those who want very timeless Arabic form of music. See the fans flock the room with thrill as Assala gets introduced.

Assala & Holland Symfonia 1 / أوبريت أصالة في هولندا - الجزء الأول

Asmara Rocks The Blue Look أسمرا - عشقاك

If you wanted a side order of the Arabic look with an exotic twist, check that off your list, Asmara just delivered you that. She sings in English, French, Italian and Spanish, but she focuses on Arabic at the moment since she released her debut song which was in Egyptian.

Asmara is a local girl from Lebanon who has met a lot of luck in the Gulf where she travels a lot to Dubai and others places for concerts and private events--weddings! She has been in the business for 4 years and counting

Asmara - Ash'ak / أسمرا - عشقاك

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Mado In "Alb7r Bedhk Leh" He Hits All The Right Notes

The nightmare of every girl is to have your wedding day and see no one is happy for you. And see that your wedding has turned into a full blown funeral. Mado, the indie musicians who seem to never have abandoned his ideal during and after the revolution is always improving on his musical style.

His latest song and music video are focused on the lute and its magical music. He goes to the beach and tries to figure out why it's always smiling. This is a new song that uses the title of a classical song to make his point. It's an artsy music video too. Mado doe snot sound angry, he is no longer shouting or talking politics. It would appear he is switching gears for a mellower form of art....this strikes me as a dark romantic song.

I like this mainstream take on Mado, his music video might get him new fans, without damaging the core of his fan base. He has manged to get them a song that will please everyone.

 كليب مادو - البحر بيضحك ليه 2012 | Mado - Alb7r Bedhk Leh

If You Want To Market Watches, Please Come On Time

Egyptian diva Sherine singed up to promote a watch brand along with Lebanese super star Ragheb Alamah. There were many celebrities present there. Most celebrities came on time for the event and mingled with the attendees who shelled serious cash for those overpriced watches.

Sherine did it differently, she came two and a half hours late to the event. When she arrived, it was reported no one was still in the event, but a handful people. No one was there to received Sherine who expected a big and a warm reception. According to reports, she seemed annoyed, irritated. She left the event ten minutes later.

If this story is true then Sherine might have to work hard on her classy side. Sure she is busy with the Voice, but all the other celebrities have places to be. Plus, you are promoting a brand of watches, watches people buy to keep track of time. Aren't you saying that the brand sucks? If this very pricey watch did not help you to be on time, then people should look somewhere else.  

في حفل كارتييه: شيرين تحضر دون استقبال وتغادر بعد دقائق

Sherine Abdel Wahab - Da mosh Habibi 2012.wmv

Iraq Could Use A Happy Song, Thanks Walid El Shami

Walid El Shami is preparing a gift for his people in Iraq, a techno song where he is filming a music video for it in Dubai where he is based. A mix of Iraqi and Gulf music, a fusion he calls it in a nightclub. There will be a dance troupe. I am ready to claim that Iraqis drink Arabic music with their mother's milk, they appreciate good music. And better they know how to make it.

I like Walid, he makes good music, and he helps a lot of other Iraqi singers with music. I know he is a big deal with his fans who love his fresh music. Watch the interview below talking about the music video and the crew.

The song is set to release next week, I am certain it will be a happy song with a lot of energy, you can see the behind the scenes. Keep on mind, things have not been going so well in Iraq lately and I know your prayers will be asking for peace.

وليد الشامي خذني وياك 2012

The Voice Is A Stink Bomb! Where Are Those Viewers

The Arab edition of The Voice has the star power, and has the backing of the big network. What they do not have is the audience. I am a follower of Arab media on entertainment and have neither found stories about the show--they aired about three episodes and no one is talking. The social networks are not abuzz about this supposedly hot show. 

Here's why, there seems to be saturation of such shows. We have already Star Academy, Arabs Got Talent, And Arab Idol and now comes the Voice the latest additions in such singing competition. Plus one of the lead mentors is a guy who does not talk much about himself and does not speak to the media. the two others come with expiration date, and one lady has a lot of personal drama.

I like them as singers, but I am not sensing there is enough drama to get people to tune in. I think people might tune in later, but not now. something big has to happen for vierwrs to watch, the more viewers, the more the cash for the advertisers.

ريم عز الدين "الورد جميل" - #فريق_شيرين #احلى_صوت #MBCTheVoice

كريس جر "At Last" - #فريق_كاظم #احلى_صوت #MBCTheVoice

أمجد رحال "عز الحبايب" - #فريق_عاصي #احلى_صوت #MBCTheVoice

Yehya Radwan: Horses, Bikes and Cheating Ladies

Horses are awesome creators, they are mighty, gracious and proud. No wonder celebrities and rich people like to be seen with horses. Horse racing is an activity seems reserved for the rich and powerful. Yehya Radwan, a pop singer from Lebanon uses a horse for his music video--he was riding one showing off his skills.

Then he is walking around with a girl young enough to be his daughter--except she might be meant to be his lover, they are walking around a gorgeous villa. And now we see he also likes bikes- This guy likes riding things. And the girl you see in the music video she cheats on hims with the guy who attends to his ranch.

Dude, Yehya love someone your own age not something young enough to be your daughter.
Yehya Radwan - Allah Ma'ak Yalla / يحيى رضوان - الله معك يلا

Toni Qattan Coffee And Traditional Arab Marriages

Toni Qattan might be this summer's biggest music surprise, he has seen so many music festivals and traveled across the Arab world including Palestine for concerts. He is a big deal in Jordan and Lebanon too. But his latest single which I did not love at first is shown that the guy is a hit-maker.

Using the Bedouin dialect to tell of the marriage tradition when a family asks for the hand of a young lady into marriage to one of their boys. They have to serve coffee and let the elders talk about this union. The song turned out to be a hit and embraced by both ladies and men alike. It's a happy song about a wedding season. Toni did well with the song and he has performing it all summer long.

طوني قطان - قهوتكو مشروبة (مهرجان ليالي القلعة 2012)

Monday, September 24, 2012

The All Moroccan Songstress Naima Samih

Naima Samih is an icon in the world of Moroccan songs, she is one of its early pioneers. She entered the singing business when there was only men in that industry, she sang and impressed people. Thus she earned her stripes in this traditional society.  She had to struggle with the men of her family so lunch her career, she did start in the late sixties and flourished in the early seventies.

At first she sang with no music to avoid upsetting the religious folks as she was no in position to battle them. She owned the local Moroccan song and took it into new territories. The slower song is her shtick. Among her most known hits is Jarabit We Jareet a song that deserves to be heard by more people--no different that Warda or Mayada really.

She is a mixture of Arab and north African tribes, she continues to make music and live in a small town. She is a frequent guest in local music festivals.

نعيمه سميح - جريت و جاريت - توزيع جديد

Naima Samih _ Shofte L'Khatem * نعيمة سميح ـ شفت الخاتم وعجبني‏

"Secrets" Of Tamer Hosny And Bassma Boussil's Wedding

Tamer Hosny have never had a problem where he keeps away form the spotlight. He has spoken about everything and has not done the same thing with his marriage. When he doesn't talk, other media outlets do the talking and spread some information that might be incorrect. I think the bride deserves a huge wedding and those fans of Tamer Hosny need to see some tangible proof. Who's up for a party? 

Here are some behind the senes info nuggets about Tamer Hosny's wedding of the decade:

  1. They both wad in Tamer Hosny's private Villa in Al Ahram Gardens. It was conducted according to Islamic laws. Only four people have witnessed the private ceremony. 
  2. They have fallen in love two years prior to the wedding. Bassma was studying medicine and at first her family opposed the wedding. 
  3. Tamer Hosny has met Bassma in Morocco where he had many concerts. He found her to be close to his personality. He has fallen in love and his friends were surprised how easy it was. Tamer Hosny has said in the past that he won't marry someone form the entertainment industry.  
  4. The wedding was kept secret by both families for three months. Until Bassma went to the States with her husband to be with him for a month and a half as he toured the country and recorded new songs. Rumors started to surface.
  5. She is in her early twenties and he is in his late thirties. 
  6. Tamer wanted her to have  a career in the music industry, she recorded an album under the supervision of Tamer Hosny's producer Mohsin Jaber. But before the release of the album, Tamer Hosny announced the wedding to the public.   
  7. They both had filmed a music video together that was marketed heavily with promos. The couple seemed to be in love. The music video have to see the light of day. Tamer Hosny is keeping it under close watch. Tamer might be doing the right thing in the eyes of some people.  
  8. We have found out about this wedding on the same day pop star Mohamed Hamaki released his much anticipated 2012 album. 
  9. We wish Tamer Hosny and Bassma Boussil well. I think we all have an obligation to make sure this relationship is a successful one. 
Clip Tamer Hosny & Bassma Boussil Marriage

Hamada Helal 2012 Album البوم حمادة هلال - متقولهاش

Egyptian pop star Hamada Hilal is one hot entertainer. when he is not busy making blockbuster movies, he is recording albums in the studio. The two careers often overlap, but one thing this is a gifted singer with a great sense of humor. He is due for a new album--he has not made one in years now.

The sample for his new yet to be released album is making the rounds on the internet. I have gave it a listen and I am serious, this is a good light pop album with fresh and fun lyrics. The music is catchy. Hamada makes it look easy to bring out the hits. He is a smart singer, he makes good choices that fit his style and advance his brand.

This is one family guy who knows pop and knows how to fire up a party. He is often doing them all over Egypt. In few short years Hilal has become a household name in Arabia, he is a lovable guy who lives in the real world. But he is more than pop too, he does romance and goes the blues. A lot of people like whatever songs he makes. I would say 80 percent of he makes is pure gold, the rest has its fans.

His 2012 album will have 10 tracks and you can hear the samples to hear for yourself the melodies and the lyrics. I love the third track because it comes in the Saaidy peasant dialect. We do not hear many of those songs going mainstream. Track four makes reference of Egypt number one goalkeeper Al Hadary, and Angelina Jolie.

01 - Aker We Aataref
02 - Asly We Fasly
03 - El Zeana El Aala
04 - Goan
05 - Haga Keda
06 - Malek Ya Donia
07 - Matoolhash
08 - Shof Men Emta
09 - Yarab Nefdal Keda
10 - Sponge Bob

اغنية سبونج بوب حمادة هلال

Video: Myraim Faris Makes Love To Saudi Arabia

The good people of Saudi Arabia loves all things Lebanon. Nothing they love more than a Lebanese girl who wants to celebrate a Saudi Holiday with them. Lebanese songstress Myraim Faris knows that and she realizes she must have millions of fans in Saudi Arabia, so she wanted to make them feel special.

She wore the colors of their flag and wished them a happy Independence Day via her Facebook account. She also added a button where she says "I Love KSA", that's short for Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.  Myraim Faris had already made them an all Gulf dialect album. This is a video for one of her private concerts in Saudi Arabia where she seems to have unleashed her dance.

I do know that the good people of Saudi Arabia have special place in their hearts for Myraim, her dance moves and her exotic outfits. While I admire the gesture, would Myraim do the same thing for Somalia, Sudan or any other county that does not have cash?

هكذا ترقص ميريام فارس في الحفلات الخاصة

Myriam Fares - Ana Wel Shou' / ميريام فارس - أنا و الشوق