Friday, September 28, 2012

Download Majid Al Mohandes 2012 Album البوم ماجد المهندس - انا وياك

Majid El Mohandes or Majid is a hot ticket artists. While he is huge in the Gulf area, as poets and weddings throw money at him to see him. He is also huge in Lebanon and hot for Egypt--he gets booked for lots of interviews. The Maghreb adores him as he is a frequent guest on their music festivals. Iraqis are proud of him and his music. So this guy must be doing something or many things right.

He changes styles in between Iraqi blues, poetic romance, and pop and faster tracks songs. You cannot really put your finger on it, but you know you like him. He sings a song like if he had just opens his heart. His songs are so good that you think you have already touched the man's heart because does a fine job putting his sentiments on exhibit. I like the cover albums for this one, he is once again the classy guy we have come to expect from him.

This Iraqi singer just released a work of art album, an impressive 17 tracks. No one does that, and no one can afford this large track numbers. Majid does not need to worry about that, his fans love his work, and people give him their finest lyrics and music just to be on his album. Some have awesome title for Majid, like the prince of Arabic song. I like to dub him, the Lord of Arabic music. Not only is he a fine singer, he is also an accomplished composer who has given some of his work to his peers.

Majid tends to mix styles, he makes Gulf themed music catchier and this friendlier to the ear. He makes romance both the happy and the sad moods. He makes Egyptian and Lebanese pop songs that can and often does rival the most seasoned singer. It's no secret that the people who been talking about this album. I am certain, Rotana will be happy they have booked this artist. He might sell the most records for them this year. His fans are loyal and he always gives the reasons to be so.

When it comes to romance, Majid is a professor and we are all taking a course with him, but listening and studying his albums. The first five tracks are in the simplified Gulf Arabic, the sixth track is about Baghdad lover where you can dance. Track 9 has kinda of cool throwback music.  The rest are made for the Gulf listener.

01 - Ana Waiak
02 - Ya Yma
03 - 3la Babak
04 - Baien Ghalai
05 - Kef Te7sebha
06 - Ghazl Baghdadi
07 - Jet A7ebak
08 - Lait Lana
09 - Sa7arny 7laha
10 - Ya3ny Mohtam
11 - Ent Ana
12 - 3la El Zekra
13 - 3la Babak Wa2ef
14 - Raf Qalbi
15 - Zakarnakom
16 - Sabr Ayub
17 - Mawal Eza Ashofak

اغنية ماجد المهندس - انا وياك | من البوم انا وياك

ماجد المهندس انا حنيت

ماجد المهندس - جيت احبك 2012 - البوم انا وياك


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