Thursday, February 21, 2013

Checkout This Fun Lebanese Hippies Song By Zuhair Francis

Smooth, very much so! Zuhair Francis has the right nostalgic song brought to him by his kids. He remembers the 1974 when he has a big concert with his pals. His song is about the youthful days when he was ready to party, fall in love and try to make it right. The artist enjoys a great deal of affection from the crew, his sense of humor made this music video much better. He has already recorded a fun song that people form different generations will find appealing.

I was impressed by how cool this song feel, the song makes me want to go back to that colorful time where style was more about being care free. I love the ending when we learn he got the girl and has a gorgeous famous with her.  The character the song brings out if that for "Abu El Zouz", the very Arabic word that could fill in for "The Dude" Anybody can be that guy according to the song.

I love the rolling good times, the music and the dance beat where the East meets the West, and the old meets the modern. Groovy melodies remind me of the simple time I can only watch on YouTube. These guys knew how to party and how to make decisions  Life seems so simple and they could care less about what people on their Facebook think.

Zuhair Francis - Meza'alha / زهير فرنسيس - مزعلها


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