Saturday, February 9, 2013

The Saddest Man In Oman Sings حكاية ناي - صلاح الزدجالي

For a singer whose last song literary had the entire Gulf region dancing to his tunes, it's not easy to pull a fast one and do a dramatic song. His new sing has been titled "The Tale Of The Fife", the one tear jerking musical instrument. This is the Omani singer who made it big last year Salah Al Zadjali

This is a poem  which Salah has produced (and wrote the music) into a heart warming song, I am impressed how different his voice sounds when he is doing such songs. The song is about doing all the good things, and dreaming. The song offers life wisdom that many need to hear....

This Omani singer is the new kid on the block, he is already the star to watch and learn from. I love how true to life this singer is. Very few people can communicate such things....Here, he sings and I pray five times, I am grateful, and do glad and hope for the best. Very few singers can express those reality.

He did it once, he described how giddy and gleeful he was feeling when he fell in love, and what ind of music he started listening to, all giveaways of his emotion state. I like that he has more control over his now music, as he produces in his one Musicology studio and brad. This time, his return sounds pretty magical, he sounds like the real deal once the love takes a setback.

حكاية ناي - صلاح الزدجالي


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