Tuesday, February 12, 2013

WATCH: Karim Mohsen - Zai El Naharda | كريم محسن - زي النهاردة

Not sure what Karim Mohsen meant when he talked about an upcoming hit that he has been working on for some time. But I thought his most recent song is lacking. Do not get me wrong, I like Karim, he is one hell of an entertainer and an active musicians. No one can take that away form him.

I liked his happy and dance friendly songs, you really do not wait for a cue, his songs are perfect dance songs.  I have also appreciated his sadder bluesy songs, he shows real emotions in such songs, he displays fresh music. But for his new bittersweet song " Zai El Naharda". If this is his valentine song, the young should who have loved him for the get go, might be confused.

The song is about waiting, and waiting for the loved one to come back, the distance kills those who are in love. But then the music video is pretty flat, nothing that special  Though the singer looks well groomed, and a sharp suit makes the trick. I feel the lyrics are dated and empty.

This is not something that we will remember a year from now, so Karim please get in the club and write a better song, you have more than dozens inside your creative head. No questions teens might find this song interesting as they have little or no experience in being hurt.

Karim Mohsen - Zai El Naharda | كريم محسن - زي النهاردة


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