Monday, February 18, 2013

Nawal Loves Children But HATES Sandy

Lebanese pop songstress Nawal Al Zogby in the city of Dubai where she was doing a charity function. But her good deed went punished as reports of Nawal interfering to deny pop star Sandy an appearance at the same charity function. Nawal did not comment on this matter, but Sandy took issue and made a press conference about the ordeal.

Sandy wrote half a dozen press releases about the incident and is making a headache to the Lebanese pop star. Now Egyptian stars want answers as this has become an issue of national pride. Nawal flew first class from Beirut to sing in a posh hotel to benefit the little ones. If charity was her goal, why would she stopped another songstress from doing a good deed? 

نوال الزغبي تحيي حفل مركز راشد رغم الإرهاق


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