Thursday, February 28, 2013

Download: Mostafa Amar Finds God البوم مصطفى قمر - مولاى سبحانك

Egyptian King of pop Mostafa Amar has found good in his most recent album. The guy who usually sings dance and romance songs--he also acts went on a quest to find God in all things, so he came back with a nine track album which was released today.

While Amar has done religious songs in the past--timed for Ramadan, this one comes at a slow season where we are not even close to Ramadan. But all times are good times to release such work. He may have been inspired to release it for his kids as he is a family guy. Often times religious albums help preserve an artist legacy.

The thinking comes, if the artist has passed away, such songs will stick around long after he has gone and those are good deeds. I like that line of thinking. I am looking at the titles and those are are straightforward songs, some fresh titles. Some new songs and others are covers. Mazzika , the label which produces Amar's albums has put together this album as well. At those dark times in Egypt, it's so easy to find faith or lose it.

Those do not have to be long songs, I like what I have heard in the promo, Amar delivers some of his finest performances in really long time.

01 - Amien
02 - Alb El Rasoul
03 - Mawlaya Sobhanak
04 - Sobhan Allah
05 - El Basmala
06 - Saly We Erfaa Edeek
07 - Wallah Zaman Ya Ramadan
08 - Ghairak Maleesh
09 - Salla Allah Ala Mohamed

برومو ألبوم مصطفي قمر _ مولاي سبحانك


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