Friday, February 15, 2013

Funny Video: Diana Karazon Imitates Asalah

Big egos do not like others playing them on camera. They hate to see someone--anyone trying to imitate or take up their mannerisms. Every time I see a star talking like another one or singing like her/her, I wonder how soon will they have to call the artist and apologize.

Take the video below where Jordanian pop sensation Diana Karazon was on an interview, where they asked her to sing like she was Asalah. Diana played along and did one heck of a job making Asalah impression down to all the hand movements and the way she conducts herself on stage.

You can see the people in the studio enjoyed that very much. Diana also made sure to declare her love and affection for the iconic Syrian songstress. This is a fun video and Diana showed her fun loving side too. This is one all too fun sport one tribute for one iconic pop diva.

ديانا كرزون تقلد اصالة نصري


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