Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Sameer Abu Elneel, Ahmed Mekky New Comedy أحمد مكي ''بوستر'' فيلم جديد ''أبو النيل

Ahmed Meky is a comedic genius, he has made about five comedic films, three of them are great, one is good and another that sucks. But this time he has learned his lesson....the funniest man and rapper in Egypt Ahmed Meky is back with anew comedy set in the 1980s or at least with the look from that not so distant past. Meky is one creative force, the chracters he creates are unlike we have seen before. He knows his comedies both the Arabic and the American styles and he brings the best original scripts.

El Sabky is the production company that has authorized the film and will be in charge of marketing. It seems the House of ElSabky is the only production house that is willing to film new projects. Granted most of their movies are made on the cheap, a shitty singer, a shitty local dancer, some shity looking guy with a heart of gold who saves the day in a shity plot and shit production film.

But with this new partnership  they might as well be up for making some serious films, that can make serious cash for everyone. Not much is known about the plot, but it seems the film will offer commentary and funny takes on Egypt post January 25th revolution. There are way too many odd characters and behaviors that have emerged since then.    

Next to Ahmed Meky, Nicole Saba, Mena Shalby will co-star. The film will have one of the biggest box-office darlings. Other actors will be Mohamed Lutfi-the muscles, and Ala Morsi--the comedy candy. I look forward to watching this movie, and nothing would make me happier than watching it in downtown Cairo under better conditions this summer.

منة شلبي ضيفة شرف احمد مكي ونيكول سابا في ابو النيل


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