Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Assi el Hellani, Is It Time To Go? عاصي الحلاني - مصيبة

This is one disposable and market-driven song by the glowingly boring pop star Assi el Hellani! He is already overstretched, and this Khaliji song of his has the word stinks all over it. Not to mention the model is in his own daughter's age. I can understand wanting to live forever and look your best, but at least do not make it obvious that you are trying too hard.

Seriously, where is his face this guy? where does the real Assi begins and the botox shots end? I freaking find no flavor in this music video, and now the title is funny in a bad way. The song's title translates to Disaster, and this is is the one word that can describe this witless dim song.

I thought Assi want us to think of him as the serious voice form Lebanon. While he is a big talent, his talent has been out of touch lately and I mean like four years. Where's his soul? I can understand wanting to be out there right now, but with this song?

I realize I might not be the intended target for this dull song, the Gulf is. But is he is a huge draw over there? I mean do locals in places like Saudi Arabia, and Qatar find him appealing?

Assi el Hellani - Moussiba / عاصي الحلاني - مصيبة (HD)


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