Thursday, February 7, 2013

WATCH: #Egypt Rock Star Ingy Amin - Masr Belady / إنجي أمين - مصر بلادي

The Egyptian pride pop song gets a music video by the girl who looks and sounds like a rock star. The young songstress' name is Ingy Amin--her name is all Egyptians as well. He hits all the high and low notes and appeal to one's senses as she asks them to safeguard Egypt

Ingy came a long way form her days few months ago on the Voice, this time is personal and she is singing to everything she has ever had--Egypt. The artist does not impose herself on a really good song, I know it's tempting to fix your image in your song, but Ingy does not bother with the publicity as she watches Egypt hurting. She is reminding the sons and daughters of Egypt of the history and the good old days when Egypt took care of them.

Inge used the song to promote Egypt for tourist, you see many incredible shots of the Egyptian landscape. Come, Egypt is open for business. But she also includes images and stills from the protesters who said no the injustice. The balance is right between what Egypt could be and what is going on right now. As for the beat, I am elated with Ingy's performance and the very p powerful beat.

Ingy Amin - Masr Belady / إنجي أمين - مصر بلادي


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