Friday, February 22, 2013

The Assassination Of Haifa Wehbe And Other Jokes

Haifa Wehbe is in Turkey now vacationing with her family in a resort. She will get back to Beirut to finish working on some projects. But then a news story broke, an assassination attempt on this pop diva's life. The reports of three armed men breaking into her home with weapons (including a blade in one of their mouths) three guys.

Haifa found time to speak to the press about this exaggerated report. "This is not an assassination attempt, I am not personally targeted." Haifa added, "My home is in a safe area and my guard are there." As for the reported incident, "it's some skirmish between my guards and few regular guys" Of course she lived in an upscale neighborhood, of course she has guards and of course some deranged fans would want to try to visit her at home.

But Haifa found time also to talk up her upcoming music videos--one shot in New York in the editing stages, and more recent one shot in Beirut (Izay Ansak) also in the editing room. They will be released in the right time Haifa stated. Haifa has weathered the divorce storm very well, and has manged to escape the media circus. She had also to talk back to some of her peers who have called her out on her weight issues.  

Haifa Wehbe - Mat2olish (Izay Ansak)(Karaoke)


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