Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Nancy Ajram - Dancing With The Stars نانسي عجرم في

Pop stars boom and others go boom, Nancy Ajram is one of those names that have not peaked yet or so it seems. She is enjoying the success of the new single--millions tune in to see her latest singles and media appearances. Then she took the song to Dancing With the Star, a pathetic Lebanese attempt at being cool.

Nancy is cool, no question about it, she seems to be the always nice girl and seems to give each appearance the right energy level. Her eyes reveal so much about her, and you hear her out when she speaks and so does her body language.

She will be a judge on Arab Idol, and I am sure they will be luck to have this nice entertainer. Lebanon loves Nancy as she is a goldmine of that country's entertainment industry.

Exclusive Nancy Ajram - Dancing With The Stars حصرياً نانسي عجرم في


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