Sunday, February 24, 2013

Listen: Sensual Salim Assaf : Ya Sheti - سليم عسّاف :يا شتي

If the stones could feel, they would break in tears when they hear the latest winter blues by composer tunred singer Salim Assaf. It's a short song, two minutes long and it's perfect size before the song gets old and made up stuff makes it worse.

Salim has made many hit song in Lebanese pop, he wrote and composed many songs from names like Elissa, Fadel Shaker and many more. The outpouring emotions are his signature when he gets you to hear what it feels in the inside of his mind and heart.

"Ya Sheti" is that kind of a song, it's a sad song but it's about love and commitment. I do not mind it one bit, and this short song is a winner in the cold--the warmth has an incredible spillover affect. Salim makes music in his studio when he feels he has something to say, that means we hear a song of his once a month--he sometimes sing them and other times he gives them away to his pals.

Salim Assaf : Ya Sheti - سليم عسّاف :يا شتي


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